At Grimshaw Registry we do out of province license switch overs to Alberta, including reciprocal countries.

In order to help you with this process there a specific document that we will need from you.

  If you are coming from a province within Canada, we will need:

Driver’s license (cannot be expired, if expired we need a current abstract)

Proof of residency, this is very specific.

         -Rent or Lease agreement

         -Bill with your name and address (power, gas, utility, cell phone)

         -Pay Stub with name and address

         -Birth certificate or Canadian Passport (this is your legal entitlement to live in            Canada)

If you are under 18 you will need a parent or legal guardian to come in with you, for consent.

Class 1 2 4 will need to bring in an Alberta Medical, if a medical is provided from another province, it will need to be sent to DFM for approval before we can switch to an Alberta Drivers license.

Non-Reciprocal Countries will need the following in order to switch to an Alberta License.

Please bring with you:

Work Permit or Permanent residency card.

Current drivers license along with interim license (must be translated)

A current abstract showing date first licensed, in order to get out of the GDL program.

Proof of Alberta Residency (lease or rent agreement, power, gas, utility, cell phone bill, pay stub with name and address)

You will need to start with your class 7 knowledge test, apply for the GDL exemption once you have passed. We will send all documents into Special investigations unit, who then will decide if you are able to take your road test.