When you’re ready to write your Class 7 Learner’s Licence Knowledge Test, come on in to Grimshaw Registry.

ID requirements: To write the knowledge test and get your Class 7 learner’s licence, you’ll need to provide a passport or birth certificate no other forms of ID are accepted. 

A parent or Legal Guardian will need to be with you, with there valid ID.

There will be a total of 30 questions. To pass, you must get 25 questions correct. If you get six questions wrong, then you’ll have to come back another day to write the test again. You can continue to write daily until you pass. Each exam is $20.00

If you wear glasses, please bring them with you for your vision test.

At this time Grimshaw Registry is only completing Class 5 Basic Road test exams. To book you can either come into our office or book online at